The 4th season of F is for Family arrives on Netflix today! WARNING! THE TRAILER BELOW IS LACED WITH HILARIOUS PROFANITY. NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

The show takes place back in the 70's, around 1974 to be specific. Bill Burr plays the dad Frank Murphy. The show revolves around his dysfunctional family and wacky neighbors. EVERY family is dysfunctional but this one borders on toxic.

Last season left off with Frank's hard ass dad coming to visit. Frank is a hard ass himself on his kids but his dad was even worse. He is always screaming at his wife and kids. Sometimes the fights seem like they took them out of my life. It's raw and real.

If you start watching the first few seasons of the show, there is a band called "Lifted Riffs" that sure sounds a lot like Led Zeppelin.

He also has a druggy neighbor that used to work at the radio station.

Then, there is the creepy neighbor Goomer. Always peeping in his neighbors windows and business.

His morbidly obese, racist boss, Bob Pogo.


We could all use a laugh and the show will have plenty of laughs. Get account info from someone and check it out.

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