To start off, this isn't a rant about green energy or how much I love my fossil fuel vehicles. Although as much as I would like to see a gas pump for employees to freely use, I just don't see corporate America being that generous.

When I walked out of the back door today, my teenage self couldn't help but think about pulling the plug out of the wall just enough to not make a real connection to the power source.

After that thought left, I had conversation with one of my coworkers who revealed his unfounded fear of smoking too close to the car while it recharged. Laughing of course, knowing full well there were no fumes escaping the port. Then again, that never stopped my dad from pouring gas down the carburetor of my car, head leaned back, arms extended  and cigarette dangling from his mouth with me standing 20 feet away, ready to call the fire department.

Sorry, but you'll never catch me driving a Volt, looking for a place to plug my car in. I'll take my chances at running out of gas. Just as I have done for the past 35 years!

BEanie Mobile



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