A few weeks ago we were driving on Grand River headed to Fowlerville and my wife says "Pull over! We have to get a picture of that."

Naturally, being a man, I don't like detours on my route. So, about a MONTH later, I was driving by and snapped this picture.


My wife is quick to point this stuff out. I said "Windsday: Hire sign guy who can spell." :)

I sent this to Deb and asked if she had any pancake friends looking for a job. She asked if Angela Lansbury was working there. Deb and I were laughing earlier this week when someone on Facebook said "Clam Down!"

A funny story about this place. My mom said she loved it. Friday, she was taking a friend to a church fish fry and the church ran out of fish! So, they went here and she was quite happy with it and gave it her highest grandma thumbs up!

No one is perfect but hey, It's Mercury Retrograde so...

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