"Welcome to the Day, My Friends!"

We apologize for not being there, but a power surge knocked us off the air, off the app, off the studio computers and off the phones!

The Engineering Man will be here soonish to start deciphering the issue and we hope to be delivering the Classic Rock and dazzling content sooner rather than later.

"Thank you for your patience...we will be with your shortly...(we hope)..."

Above you will see me wearing a green shirt (which I never do after a friend told me while shopping that green is not a good color for me) and holding our pal Lucy's dog 'Tito', who, if you didn't notice, is wearing a wig.

I don't remember exactly why I was wearing a green shirt and Tito had on a wig, but it seems it may have been for a scavenger hunt. Or maybe Tito and I lost a collective bet.

Make up any story you choose.

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