At first glance whizzing by this Big Green Sign over Interstate 75 in Toledo for Jeep Parkway you may not give it a second thought, but look at little closer and you'll see that something is just off with this Ohio road sign.

So what exactly is wrong with this Toledo area exit? Look at the p's, please. The end p in Jeep is upper case and the first p in Parkway is lowercase but made larger and placed higher than the kwy. That's just odd.

And the sign installation is part of a major highway rehabilitation project in the region that began in 2015 and lasted until at least 2018.

This isn't the first black eye for Ohio Transportation. Native Ohioans gave negative reviews to new Welcome To Ohio signs that appears at the state's borders.

So C'mon Ohio, we know you can't be Michigan, but you don't have to show your inferiority so blatantly.

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