Full disclosure: This man is a coworker of mine.

I have been golfing a long time, with some damn good golfers and never seen a hole in one live. I don't think I have even been on a course when one was made.

A few years ago, on our golf league, I came close on #18 at Wheatfield. About 8 inches from the cup. I haven't even won a closest to the pin since.

Brian nailed his ace at Hawk Hollow #22. It's 125 yards and he used his 50 degree lob wedge. That would be a soft 9 iron for me.

I quit my golf league this year because I just wasn't having so much fun PLAYING the game. The league, guys and getting razzed... I miss that.

I told Brian, his ace gave me hope. He's played over 30 years and never saw one... Until he got his own. I am sure IF I ever get mine there will be no one there to see it.

Happy hitting!



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