I have been called it many times and I say it often, I am an "old" person trapped in a young woman's body.

Like a young grandma, if you will.

For a while I did not understand what it meant to have an "old soul" other than my taste in music, clothing and decor but now I realize it means so much more.

Partly because of my job, my bedtime of 9:30 is considered ridiculously early to some people but even on the weekends, I'm ready for bed by 10 at the latest or am sipping on a Red Bull so I can still hang with the "youngins."

I name all of my plants and treat them like they are my pets, I have a love for slippers and even wear them in the summer and sometimes my outfit choices have been compared to the likes of Bea Arthur and the Golden Girls.

I understand a lot of these are mere stereotypes and I think grandparents are the coolest people around.

It was like they were reading my mind. As I was taking the quiz, here are some of the stereotypes included that I found most relatable. Keep in mind, this is all in fun and completely based on common stereotypes of "old people." Personally, I think the older you get, the cooler you get! There are just some things people attribute to an older age.

Want the definitive answer on your "grandma status" take the quiz I took HERE! (I got 45/95 which means I'm a certified grandma)!

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