We lost a LOT of Americans in the last year. More than the 3 big wars combined, some are saying.

We lost so many Americans, The Centers for Disease Control dropped the life expectancy for the entire American population to 77.8 years. Losing a full year. There were even bigger changes in the ethnic minority group. Click here to see numbers. You have to go back to World War II to see numbers like that.

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America lost it's 500,000th citizen to the coronavirus yesterday. It's been sped up a bit during the colder months like some experts expected. Click here to see the full story.

September 22nd the death toll hit 200,000.

Then, it took until December 14th to hit 300,000.

January 19th we hit 400,000 and February 22nd 500,000.

That is 300,000 Americans lost in 6 months.

You see and feel a lot of celebrations out there that the worst is over and I hope it is. Some experts are predicting the 4th wave is building right now. Some say we are doing our best to help the virus. Click here to see why they think we should still be wearing masks. 

It really is a good idea to stay positive and hope this thing ends but in reality, it's spreading easier. The new variants, the cold, the pandemic fatigue and people shedding their masks are all a perfect storm for a large 4th wave.

I'll feel better when and if I get the vaccine. I'll take my chances with that over the virus that has dropped Americans life expectancy by a year. I haven't had any regrets about my safety during the pandemic.

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