Jackson, Michigan is known for many things, but now it has staked its place in "Jeopardy" history!

As reported by MLive, a question in January 3rd's "Jeopardy" category "It’s a Hand! It’s Michigan!" featured our very own Jackson as one of the answers in a multitude of other Michigan locations.

"What is Jackson" was the $1,200 answer to the question “At the bottom center of the palm is this penitentiary city named for the president who signed Michigan into statehood."

If you were watching, you were probably screaming at your TV (with pride, of course) but it actually had the contestants stumped!

While this is not the first time our own "Rose City" has been featured on the iconic quiz show, every time is just as exciting...especially for those of us who know and love Jackson!

Some of you may be wondering "when else was Jackson featured on 'Jeopardy'?"

Well MLive did some digging and found the last time was back in December of 2011 where a contestant snagged $800 for correctly stating Jackson as the question to the answer...or is it the answer to the question?

You know what we mean. Thanks for showing Jackson some love "Jeopardy"!

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