I have said it before and I do not think I will ever stop saying it, I fully believe in ghosts, the paranormal and just spirits in general. One thing that really makes me a believer is that ghosts can attach to certain objects...specifically, dolls.

My boyfriend, Jordan, and I were actually just talking about this the other day as I was watching the episode of "Ghost Adventures" where Zak Bagans and the crew did an investigation with the infamous "Annabelle" doll.

Zak Bagans, the expert on all things paranormal and leader of the "Ghost Adventures" crew actually graduated from Troy, Michigan's own Motion Picture Institute, now owns Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas where the owner of the Annabelle doll brought her there.

As the stories all show, instigating, disrespecting or even touching some of these haunted dolls can pretty much descend a curse on your life and it's apparently happening to our very own "prince of darkness" Ozzy Osbourne.

While we were watching Zak Bagans and Annabelle, Jordan brought up a similar doll in Key West named Robert which is exactly the doll that Ozzy and his son Jack encountered and subsequently seriously pissed off.

According to NZ Herald, on the new show, "The Osbournes Want to Believe" Jack wanted to convince his parents on the paranormal so he introduced Ozzy to Robert.

Now Jack said the story behind Robert goes a little like this:

"So the actual story of Robert the doll is that it is cursed by the spirit of his owner. If you disrespect him, make fun of him, take a picture without asking or even handle him, you will be cursed and terrible things will begin to happen in your life."

Yeah, Ozzy farted in front of him which, while funny, probably did not set him off on the right foot with the Robert. Later, NZ Herald says Ozzy and Jack bought replicas of the doll and shot one out of a water cannon and another time Ozzy picked up the doll, threw it to the ground and said "Not him again!"

Now, Ozzy says he is a believer and actually feels his mistreatment of the doll is the cause of a curse that has brought him a barrage of health issues since 2019.

"You think it's a f***ing joke. It's bad luck! I keep telling you. You keep thinking it's f***ing not, but just look at what I'm saying. Just look at what has gone on with me. You think it's a joke," Ozzy said. "Look, look at me. It ain't bad luck? No, you shouldn't have f***ed around with him."

After touching Annabelle, Zak Bagans also experienced a bout of "bad luck" and I'm sorry but if the "prince of darkness" can admit he believes in a haunted doll's curse, that's got to mean something.

Let this be a lesson to all you skeptics out there, be as skeptical as you please...Just don't f*** with dolls!

Still don't think dolls are creepy? Check out this terrifying display in Oscoda County:


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