Me before the game, Reaching Higher.

Cotton Bowl Victory? (NO)

If you are a Spartan fan, more than likely you got a message from your Wolverine fan friends about our loss. Even though Michigan was playing in a junior varsity bowl. Even though Michigan has NEVER made a NATIONAL SEMIFINAL. Even though Michigan has NEVER been to a Big 10 Championship game. Even though we have been to 9 straight bowls. Ask Michigan what bowl they played in last year. They act like they beat us, EVEN though MSU has won 7 of the last 8 games against Michigan. Michigan fans should look to Alabama for "how to be a good college football fan."

Alabama Fans

These guys were awesome. We stood together for most of the game. I kept telling the guy in the red vest "Cyrus Jones will take a punt back, we CAN'T kick to him!" Well, Cyrus Jones returned a punt for a td. He high fived me. I was so unhappy to be right. Classy people and a joy to watch the game with. Very respectful to MSU, even after the massacre started. The MSU band was awesome at the Cotton Bowl too. Here is a still Mrs. Pants took followed by a video captured by MSU fan and friend Darrell Wiles.

MSU Marching Band

Here is the video. You may have to log in to Facebook to see it.

Here is the closer from yesterday's halftime show! Great job!!Sara Makuch Wiles Joshua Wiles Holly Wiles

Posted by Darrell Wiles on Friday, January 1, 2016

Before the game, I left the media suite and all the free food to find Mrs. Pants to share the experience. We met up on the highest platform level and I snapped this selfie. It is the most liked picture in my history of Facebook. Within the first hour, it got 255 likes. I said it out loud and the Alabama girl said "255! I've never had that many likes!"

Cotton Bowl

Then, Mrs. Pants went to check out the ladies bathroom at AT&T Stadium. While, I was waiting I ran into Lansing resident Tom Adado who was also waiting. After he left, I saw a Spartan jacket and just started talking to him. His name is Roy Abron. Roy is a lifelong Texas resident. He sent his daughter Donna to MSU for school. She returned to Texas and now runs one of the biggest hospitals in the area. I have never met a man more proud of his daughter.

Roy and Donna Abron

Finally, after the game, Mrs. Pants and I stopped to get one more picture.


I am upset we lost and didn't score. I didn't even play on the team and look at where MSU took me. Thank you Spartans for a season I will never forget, even though we didn't win. This season we beat Oregon, Michigan, Ohio State and won ANOTHER B1G TEN title. It was the best season of MSU football in my lifetime. Cheers to 2016!

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