Jerry Jones is a complete IDIOT when it comes to interfering with his football team. He meddles and screwed up by not allowing Jimmy Johnson to run the team. He is kind of a joke as an owner among fans who HATE the Cowboys.

Funny story, I haven't validated it yet. SO CALL IT A RUMOR: Someone said in Dallas, Jerry Jones imported all the steel used in AT&T stadium because he didn't want ANY Pittsburgh steel in Arlington. Even if it isn't true, that is funny.

Jerry understands the power of his brand and how to make money. The Dallas Cowboys are America's Team or they once were. That Dallas Star is worth more than any other franchise in American sports. Even the Yankees! They are the most valuable American sports franchise. The Lions have no idea how powerful their FOOTBALL brand can be.

When you see a place like Jerry's World, you wonder if Michigan will ever get a Super Bowl again. The place is beautiful, lots of places to get beer and NO lines in the restrooms. By the way, the bathrooms are everywhere! Thanks to the 4th largest video board in the world, there isn't a bad seat in the house. The monitor goes from 20 to 20. The day we visited the stadium it was closed but you could still shop in the Cowboys pro shop.

People always told me, "you have to go there." Another check off the Dallas bucket list.

You HAVE to go here. It's like our modern day Greek coliseum. I can't stand Jerry and I loved it.

Courtesy of Sara Wiles