If you were looking for a candy bar that will change the way you think about candy bars... This is NOT the candy bar for you.

The people at Mars Wrigley Confectionery got all stoned and crapped out this idea: 

M&M Candy Bar

I saw them in the store and passed them by once. The second time, I had to grab one and BOY! Was I sorry? Yes. I was. Boy. I was sorry.

I have always been a peanut M&M guy. Don't even step in my direction with plain. I'll cut you. Naturally, I should have gotten the peanut M&M one but no... I used my thinker and thought. Then, I panicked and grabbed the crispy chocolate one. It had those useless F*****G mini M&M in it! Whoever made Mini M&M's needs an asswhoopin. Whoever made the Mini-M&M candy bar... Needs their candy license removed.

Seriously, the bar wasn't that bad but I will have to check out the Peanut one... Stay tuned for another crappy review.



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