Today is my birthday!

I have had a lot of fun in my 15 plus years here. I started as a morning show producer. Got the afternoon gig in 2005. Moved to mornings in 2011. Along the way, I have been more impressed by the listeners I meet than the stars.

Some of the listeners look like stars.

For the most part, the listeners always made me feel like a star and family. I am grateful to have been here for so long and still have a blast every day I get to do this job.

The air staff has changed a lot and I miss so many of em.

Pants Life

Through three different owners and five Program Directors, I have seen our station change but still try to maintain the edge and the attitude it's had from the beginning. Thanks for being a part of the ride and having your Pants on!

I am grateful and thankful for a lot of things. The wife and kid in those pictures tops anything I have ever done or will do. They sure put up with a lot.

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