If you didn't know, Michigan is ranked second in the nation in HUMAN TRAFFICKING. The going rate for a HUMAN on the GLOBAL market is $90. Click here to read the grizzly story. 

A Federal Sex-trafficking investigation turned up information on former Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III. Over the years, he paid for sex HUNDREDS of times. He officially retired early last month. He went on LEAVE in May and we paid his salary while he "rehabbed." Tuesday he was SLAPPED ON THE WRIST by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, who "will push for prison." Even though, that is HIGHLY unlikely. Click here to read about the latest Michigan train wreck. 

Seeing we have aided and abetted this convicted felon for the past few months, shouldn't we be asking for that money back? Or will we be paying the pension for this man now that he is "retired." Or will the felony wipe that out? At the time, I thought suspending his pay seemed like a prudent idea.

All the justice you can afford? Or something else?

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