In the age of social media, it is rare for there to not be some silly challenge floating about but as I was scrolling through the new fad that is Tik Tok I noticed one I could not wrap my head around.

Here in Michigan, we love our "pop", but would we go to the lengths of chugging it to the point of almost pain?

Take this guy, for example, we have so many questions.

Why is his Coke in the ceiling? Why is he shirtless? At least he apologizes for his exposed nipples between painful-looking burps.

Now look at this girl.

She even acknowledges how bad of an idea this is for her acid reflux but does it anyway and even has more videos of herself doing this!

Now maybe we are a little behind the times but why can't these "challenges" just be something normal!?

People have been chugging "soda" or "pop" forever so how is this so fascinating now?

Maybe it is just the fact there are some incredible burps here so we do have to give them at least a little credit there.

Coming from a show that plays "What The Fart" every morning, definitely no judgement here!

What are some stupid challenges you've participated in?

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