With every spring, comes new additions to Michigan's wildlife families. And with that comes the irresistible urge to rescue what appears to be an abandoned animal.

The truth of the matter is that a large majority of the young animals that seem to be lost or abandoned, aren't. Deer fawns are most often the animal that seem to be left alone by an uncaring parent, when in reality, the mother or attending doe is watching you from a distance and is fully aware that the fawn is right where it lies.

The best thing to do with any animal is to leave it right where it is and not touch it at all. The Michigan DNR asks that you "leave the wild, in the wild." Offspring can receive no better attention than from one of their own. There are some instances that a doe will decide that it does not want to or is unable to care for a particular one of it's offspring. As difficult as it is, we need to understand that it is just a part of nature, Sometimes cruel, but more often necessary for reasons beyond our understanding.


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