There is nothing lower than a porch pirate. Stats say almost 20% of people have either had a package stolen off their porch or know somebody who has. And porch pirates - just a little heads up - as of today (December 16th) porch piracy is now illegal in the State of Michigan. If you are a repeat offender and you get caught, it could mean five years of prison time. For stealing a Frozen 2 Elsa doll or something. Hey - prisoners have little kids, too. That won't go over well in prison when they find out. Enjoy your beat down in "the yard".

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According to Fox17online, mail theft was a federal crime up until now.. This new law will make it easier to prosecute at the state and local level.

Maybe this problem will fade with time. Pretty soon almost everyone will have one of those security cameras on their porch, which should deter some "pirates". And now more packages are being booby-trapped by homeowners. There's a lot of poop-filled packages out there now. Hey, it's an easy way to clean up after your dog or cat. Or dairy herd.

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