Potterville is BLOWING up. Especially if you have the last name Davis. Joe Davis is the play by play broadcaster for the LA Dodgers from Potterville. Now, Potterville can add Oscar Winner to the town sign.

Sam Davis helped produce, edit and film the Oscar Winner for Best Documentary Short Subject: "Period. End of Sentence." He traveled to India with the films director Rayka Zehtabchi. She accepted the award last night. Check out the video below. 

You can see it on Netflix and it will only take about 26 minutes. I watched a few minutes and the shots were amazing. The subject matter is girls in India dealing with menstruation....So, I just couldn't sit and watch it with the sound on. It makes sense though. PERIOD. It's a perfect name for the title of the movie :) The film explores the ladies limited access to napkins.

Here is more info on the film.



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