There are two days of our lives that people say are "the biggest days" of your lives. One is getting married and the second is the birth of your first child. Both are true statements and both are amazing days that you will get to live. When the hype of the wedding is over, it's time for the honeymoon.

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After the wedding comes the party at the reception. It's pretty cool to see friends and family come together to witness your marriage and celebrate it with you. You will most likely receive a ton of gifts that you registered for, or a bunch of cash. The cash will come in handy as you get ready to embark on your honeymoon.

Planning a dream honeymoon takes time and a lot of money. Going to a spot in the Carribean would be a lot of fun and the weather is going to be awesome. Maybe that's not your thing and you'd like to stay on the mainland of the United States. Some folks don't like to fly, that won't stop you from taking your honeymoon.

Wallethub did a survey and one city in Michigan ranks in the top 20 of 100 cities in the United States that is a top destination for your wallet. Saving money and making it an amazing honeymoon is a win, win.

The findings were based on this:

The average honeymoon costs upwards of $4,000. That’s a lot of money no matter who you are, especially as we emerge from one of the most significant economic downturns in history. After all, the average household has around $6,000 in the bank and owes $7,000 to their credit card company. And that’s not even to mention the $1.11 trillion we owe student loan companies or the 26% of people who are behind on medical bills.

With that in mind and considering that honeymoon planning typically picks up pace in the summer months, WalletHub decided to lend a hand by comparing 100 of the best domestic honeymoon destinations based on 13 key metrics which collectively speak to the affordability, weather conditions, romanticism and activities that each city and town bring to the table.

Of course I naturally thought that somewhere like Traverse City, Holland or Grand Rapids would be ranked, they were not.

Coming in, ranked at #18 for best honeymoon destinations for your wallet is Detroit!

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Detroit represents the state of Michigan in this honeymoon list. Detroit received good marks in scoring with a budget rank of 24, activities and romanticism rate of 46 and a weather ranking of 6. Not too shabby Detroit!

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