My Honey and I were bicycling across the campus of Michigan State University Saturday when we went past 'The Rock', which was painted to honor the life of Lacey Holsworth after she left this life for the next.

We stopped for a moment as families came by and took pictures by 'The Rock'; observed as parents gently nudged their young children to not stand on the actual stone that is now a tribute to a child their age, who touched countless lives with her story.

Here's a link to the story CBS Sports ran, including some powerful words from the Detroit Free Press' Joe Rexrode.

My Honey attended MSU in the late 1980s and early 90s and has been employed with the University for nearly twenty years.  He tells me that per decades-long tradition, 'The Rock' gets painted -- or used to get painted -- at LEAST once or twice a night.  Yes, per night.  But it has not been touched since it was transformed into this tribute about two weeks ago.