As the coronavirus spreads across our country and around the globe, people are thinking up interesting ways to make sure people follow social distancing rules.

Many bar and pub owners are struggling to keep their businesses up and running, and for them, social distancing is very important. One pub owner in Cornwall runs the Starr Inn and he has limited space at his bar that only serves drinks and no food.

His name is Jonny McFadden, and to keep his business open, he needs his customers safe and coronavirus free.

To keep his customers from getting to close to each other, Johnny decided to put in an electric fence in his pub. To hear him describe it, according to the BBC, Johnny said "its just a normal electric fence that you would find in a field."  Asked if it was switched on, McFadden said "come and find out - there is a fear factor and it works."

I love this guy. I mean an electric fence in his bar to make sure the patrons keep up their social distancing.....brilliant!!

Johnny resorted to the fence after he constantly struggled to get the social distancing message across to some customers in the bar because "when you serve people liquor they change."

He says the fence works because "people keep away from it, people are just like sheep."  He added "they know its a fence and don't want to touch it to find out whether it is on or not."

Johnny says his customers are happy with the fencing and it has generated a lot of laughs. Oh, and the one person who does not see the funny side of this fence is McFadden's insurance broker.

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