I really miss shopping. Going to the store and wandering around is something that has always given me peace. Recently, I started shopping online and been burned a few times. You REALLY need to read the product descriptions and the reviews. Those 2 small things can save you some time. Some reviews are LEGENDARY, like the 3 Wolf Moon. Nearly 4 thousand people have ranked the shirt but the reviews are hilarious.

Months ago, my wife ordered a princess tent for our daughter's room. We wanted it to be magical. It kind of turned out that way but getting there was an adventure.

We received the tent about a month ago. My wife insisted on letting it set in a car for a while because it "may have come from China." I said, honey, No one has more virus than the old USA. So, after a month, I got it out and tried putting it together with my child, while my wife worked downstairs.

Here are the instructions:


None of the pieces were marked.


If you didn't notice anything: On the second page, at the top they begin with Step Fifth. That followed Step 1 and Step 2, Step 3 gets a different size font. We laughed about Step fifth. If you notice, Step 2 isn't really a step, it's more of a fact.

Then Step 2 got a laugh as well. "6 A Tube with ANN in a joint in the F." Sounds like a treasure map?

Step 4 was funny too. 6 B tubes respectivelyPick up on the joint E.

It was hot. I was sweating. The kid kept taking the rods apart and mismatching them. She wasn't a help at all. It was nightmarish but I am glad I stuck with it. After I found something to keep her busy, it took around an hour for me to get it finished... My wife put the lights on, they didn't come with instructions. :)

Be careful what you order online. It may be an adventure of a lifetime. The sacrifices we make for our children. It really does make her bedroom a lot better and magical.

From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash


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