Even if you do not have children, or at least children young enough to trick-or-treat, here are some fun ideas of things to do this Halloween if being around other people is not on your agenda.

It is safe to say all of us did not think we would be talking "social distancing" and "stay home stay safe" this far into 2020 and now the COVID-19 pandemic is encroaching on Halloween.

There are many people who love Halloween more than anything and it is sad to see this time kind of crushing their spirits.

I, for one, am really disappointed to be recently quarantined right before one of the most fun days of the year due to COVID exposure.

However, there is more to the spooky holiday than just trick-or-treating, costumes and parties.

Halloween lives within all of us and as long as we can fill our days with things that carry on the spooky spirit, you can still make Halloween 2020 one to remember.

Here are a few things that can provide fun for all ages this Halloween:


I know with Halloween being on a Saturday this year, a lot of these ideas will be a heck of a lot easier to pull off!

Jordan and I are planning on doing a few of these on this list, actually! We WERE going to have our nephew come show us his costume and put together a little "spooky basket" for him but we are currently quarantined. So, it looks like we will be drinking wine, watching movies and making some Halloween cookies!

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