I've heard the stories from my dad and uncles, as many have. The stories of Grandpa tossing out boxes of baseball cards, including a Mickey Mantle rookie card. Whether fact or fiction, the stories never get old to me, and still rise a chuckle out of me to this day. Because, quite frankly, my grandpa had four boys and a girl to deal with through adolescence. I can totally picture him chucking mass amounts of what he considered clutter and junk into the trash!

Well, if the story holds truth, grandpa may have cost my dad and his brothers a supposed small fortune. According to wilx.com, a rare Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card just sold at auction in Dallas for $525,800 to an anonymous collector. The card has long been the most sought after post-war baseball card. That's because it was a "high-numbered" rookie card that didn't get to the Topps distribution chain prior to the end of the 1952 season. Select few cards were ever distributed in North America as most, surprisingly, were dumped at sea.