We know that Michigan State University has worked hard to shed their party school image. We know that East Lansing residents more times than not treat over exuberant college students as nuisances, not necessities to the city's culture and economy.

Having said that, St. Patrick's Day is on the way Friday, and there will be plenty of green beer, Irish ales and whiskies-a-flowin'! And, may I say it's a breath of fresh air to see the city being proactive in terms of limiting drinking and driving. The biggest posse of parking commies known to man are actually encouraging overnight parking in four city lots...for free!!! But, be warned, there are strict hour guidelines for the free factor.

Now, you want to know where I learned of this and where these free overnight lots are in the city? You'll have to check out the same article from WILX.com that I read....just click here!

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