After years of bad, inconsistent signal, I needed a new phone. It had gotten tot he point, my phone was no longer receiving service at home. If I wanted to send a text, I had to go upstairs and wave my phone around like Harry Potter casting a spell. We have no land line in Webberville and Mrs. Pants was getting really frustrated with my lack of responding to text I wasn't getting. Plus, she was concerned, if there were an emergency, what would I do? I decided on Verizon because Mrs. Pants has it and everywhere my phone didn't work, hers did. They are not paying me anything for saying this, it's fact.

I KNEW I was going to pay more and sign a contract. If I had better signal and a better phone, it would be worth it. The desolation was nice for a while but I miss my friends! So, we went to Verizon in Okemos, on the way in I told Mrs. P "this is a big relationship test for us, like going to Ikea". I have heard nightmare stories from people in their experience going to the phone store. So, I was prepared for the worst.

When we walked in, a salesman walked by and said "We'll be right with you when you take off that (Michigan) State hat". I was a bit shocked but immediately walking up, a bearded young salesman named Dirk. Dirk was a MSU graduate in advertising and we hit it right off. He had a Rollie Fingers like mustache he said he was growing for "Mustache March." I said "I never heard of it" and he said "I made it up!" We talked facial hair for about 5 minutes, then we got down to business.

Courtesy of Getty Images

(Side thought: You don't hear the nickname "Fingers" anymore? I suppose in this day and age it's not the "in thing" to be known as a dude named "Fingers". We live in a strange time.)

He asked what I used my phone for the most and suggested a Samsung Galaxy S 5. Mrs. Pants went to Verizon's website and saw if you signed a 2 year deal, you get a free phone. So, I checked out the Droid Maxx. It was similar to my old phone so, I picked it and will live with my decision for the next 2 years. Dirk was awesome got us in and out as fast as he possibly could. My phone, non-tech savvy ways and lack of information added about 20 minutes to the adventure. I would recommend my own mother go to Dirk. When we walked out Mrs. Pants said "you guys had very similar personalities. It was like watching you talk to yourself."

Good luck, Dirk!

A trip to the Verizon store only strengthened my bond with my lady. Test: PASSED. Now, bring on Ikea!

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