Not many know it, but one of my life long hobbies has been "picking." Not in the Roy Clark/Buck Owens sense. Although pickin' does bring a few grins. More along the lines of digging old dump sites in the middle of the woods or rummaging through an old barn until your covered head to toe in dust and the dirt donuts surround your nose.

This weekend produced a memory from my own youth. A license plate from my old friend Bruce Pettit's old blue Chevy called the "Smurf Mobile". A giant land yacht with Smurf characters adorning the area above the back seat.

While checking out the dollar table, I noticed the plate and couldn't help but wonder if their could be two. Well, flipping it over removed all doubt! Lo and behold, his initials were reverse side. So all in all, 34 years later, driver and plate will be reunited. All thanks to an addiction called "pickin."

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