There are two things that Michigan fans and Michigan State fans really cannot deny, though both fanbases are reluctant to do so:

1. Michigan State has lived in the shadows of Michigan for decades.

2. Michigan has had their @$$e$ handed to them more times than not by Michigan State over the last decade.

Say what you will, argue all you's all true!! For years, it was commonplace to see or hear MSU referred to mistakenly as U-of-M; Block M graphic instead of a Green S; Ann Arbor instead of East Lansing. Heck, some media know-alls still can't spell, pronounce, or even remember, Mark Dantonio's name!!

Well, Sparty, smile on this: maybe all of those wins are finally starting to set into the forefront of the national subconscious. According to The Detroit News, the shoe finally dropped on the other foot. During his Fox coverage of a U.S. Amateur Golf match in Michigan, analyst and pro golfer Curtis Strange referred to Michigan's Nick Carlson as a Michigan State golfer. Now, I know, mistakes happen, not a big deal...but, I think it's so far out of norm..."Strange", had to be pointed out.

By the way, according to the Detroit News story, Strange was quickly corrected by the rest of the Fox crew...for what that's worth.