We just had a new restaurant open up in our town. It's called Noah's Nook and I still have yet to eat inside there but there have been times when I ordered take out from there on back to back nights. I wasn't aware when I was snarfing it down, that the beef is locally raised from a very nice family here in Webberville, the Benjamin family. The French Dip is great, their cheeseburgers are so fresh and delicious, it's really good. Priced decently too. French Dip and Cheeseburgers run around the same as 2 "value meals" at the national fast food chain.

The place was KILLING it, people were packing in every night. One night, they sold out of my French Dip! They were doing good... Then, this last order came. I drove by last night and saw some people sitting down, texting on their phones and wondered who it was. Then, I got a closer look and it was the cooks. Waiting to fill another order. The place was packed one day and the staff was twirling their thumbs the next. This is why more than ever, restaurants need your support.

I am NOT advocating reopening everything. I believe lives are more important than money. I am just saying we can save both if people support places through takeout. Don't complain about the price. Smile, thank them and go feed your face.

There are chains of people and families struggling. You never know ALL the people you may be helping.

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