Late last year, the state of Michigan began offering drivers the option of a vintage license plate design from 1965.

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You've probably seen it out and about. It features yellow lettering against a dark-blue background.

Image courtesy of Michigan Secretary of State's Office
Image courtesy of Michigan Secretary of State's Office

Retro is in, I get it. There's just one problem.

Those Colors...

Some of us aren't particularly fond of that specific color scheme. In fact, some of us are repulsed by it.

There are many who would prefer a more pleasing aesthetic. Something that evokes the state of Michigan's lush green scenery and, at the same time, the snowscapes that balance that green so serenely.

If only there were a vintage state of Michigan license plate that captured that essence.

Good News — There Is!

Image courtesy photozonega via eBay
Image courtesy photozonega via eBay

It's... it's beautiful!

This plate dates back to 1955, a year when Michigan State defeated UCLA in the Rose Bowl, 17-14. The Spartans claim a national championship for that year, as one of the then-many systems for deciding national champions declared MSU the winner for the '55 season.

So How Do We Get It?

Unfortunately, this plate design isn't available for your vehicle. You can buy it and customize the text on the plate as a decoration, but it wouldn't be a legal license plate.

However, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is running for reelection this year. If enough of us of the Green and White persuasion wrote her and inquired about bringing this beautiful license plate back to our roadways I bet she'd listen. Isn't that how representative democracy is supposed to work, anyway?

And in a democracy shouldn't things be fair? If the state is going to offer a vintage license plate in Michigan colors, there had better be a Michigan State alternative, too. It'd be a shame to see someone lose an election over something so avoidable.

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