I'm not sure what happened to Rew, or what it was supposed to be. All I know is: it was a postal station in Clinton County, down in the southeastern corner of Olive Township. Rew is listed in an occasional old map and in a few old atlases – but not many...and even then, Rew is placed in two different locations.
1) On Bond Road, north of Round Lake Road
2) At the intersection of Chadwick Road and Krepps Road

Which is correct?
The 1930 atlas show “Rew” on Bond Road.
The 1911 map shows “Rew” but there are no roads showing.
The 1896 atlas shows “Rew” at Chadwick and Krepps.

There is scant written about Rew, but there has to be some information somewhere. Among the only details I could find, there was a man running a grocery store named John Austin. When a post office began operating in 1888, Austin became the first postmaster.

The post office shut down in 1903, and from there it seems any other details past that year haven't been recorded...at least, any I could find.

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I was fortunate to come across an 1897 edition of the Michigan State Gazetteer. It mentions a different postmaster named E.M. Chadwick. It also lists a number of business people and their professions in Rew:
Feed Mill
General store
Justice of the Peace
Music teachers

One of the dressmakers was named Armiter Rew, so I'm assuming the area was named after a family or person named Rew. The MSG article also says Rew was 12 miles south of St. Johns, 12 from Lansing, 8 from Laingsburg, and 6 from Bath.

It also alludes to a 'daily stage to Lansing” that cost just 35 cents fare.
So Rew was also a stagecoach stop?

On Bond Road there is an old cemetery and church (now a residence). Up Bond Road to its intersection with Chadwick Road sits the old schoolhouse (also now a residence). East on Chadwick to its intersection of Krepps Road is where the 1896 atlas claimed Rew's location was.

So which is correct? This is all the info I could muster up – so if anyone has any more insight to this curious little community, let me know.

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