My Honey had a meeting last night at Detroit's Eastern Market, where I'd never been before, so I asked if I could tag along. We got there early enough to stop by an old-school bar, Vivio's, for a refreshing adult beverage and some DELICIOUS nachos! The online reviews touted the Bloody Mary's, so I ordered one of the beasts which came with bacon that I'd already passed over to My Honey before the pic. You'll notice that the Bloody comes with a beer chaser - no one seems to know where that tradition originated, though people in Wisconsin seem to think they created it. Hardly. Excellent food and service at Vivio's - check 'em out for a low key, non-fancy taste of the city.

After the Vivio's stop, we headed over to one of the facilities at the Market for the meeting and promptly walked in the wrong door, where about a dozen guys in button-down shirts were having what was clearly not the meeting we were supposed to attend, as they all stopped talking and looked at us, appropriately, like intruders. You can kind of see them through the windows in the "Kid Rock Kitchen Commons" picture. (Kid Rock has a foundation that partnered with several others to create the community kitchen/meeting space in which the meeting was scheduled that evening.)

There was beer and wine sampling, some appetizers and we were able to see an example of urban hydroponic farming, which was one of the meeting agenda items.

Something was apparently lost in translation, because we thought the meeting was going to start at 6 PM. Around 7:25 PM, we were still standing around waiting for the show to get rolling, then decided to bag it since we still had a 90 minute drive ahead of us. So we missed the thing we intended to attend, but we had a fantastic time nonetheless.