Soon, in Michigan 5 counties will be conducting roadside drug tests for THC. It is a saliva swab. THC stays in your system for 30 days. Will you be arrested for something you did 30 days ago? Get the full story here from

Are they going to have an opioid test? Driving under the influence is bad. However, there is a lot of debate on how marijuana impacts your driving and each person is affected differently. I want all HIGH drivers off the road, I just want to make sure they are actually high and not being punished for something they did weeks ago.

The five counties will be determined based on criteria including: the number of impaired driving crashes, the number of impaired drivers arrested and the number of Drug Recognition Experts.

Some say this will set a "dangerous precedent for Michigan."

Something tells me a lot of long haired drivers are about to be profiled. I don't think Ingham County will be one of the 5.