William Trinkle (aka Bill Elliott on the air here at WMMQ) tells me that he and his sweetie, and their dog, began traveling about seven years ago, leaving their home near Grand Blanc for up to six months at a time. The trips kept getting longer and next month will mark two full years 'on-the-road'.

"Did you sell your house in Michigan?", I asked.

"We sold everything, including the house. Going through that was an amazing process in itself.

First you feel like your things have value and want to sell them. You work hard to put together a yard sale and after a couple weekends of people asking you if you would take a quarter for Grandmother's China, all you want to do is set it all on fire.

Selling the house and selling everything was stressful. Now though, less truly is more. I didn't realize how much "the stuff" and the acquiring "stuff" can be a burden.

Does that sound too hippy?

The reasons behind why can be pretty philosophical. It's all about living and not existing. Not putting things off until you are too old to enjoy it. Less is more ... all that crap."

Just to make sure I had permission, I asked if I could quote him:

"Yes, you can quote, as long as I sound funny or brilliant. If the quote is dumb, then, no."

What about family and friends?

"When you travel it becomes addicting. Trying to find the balance between having friends and family you see on a regular basis and the desire to travel and explore. It's a real thing. Ultimately, I've found when I do visit family and friends it's more deliberate and the quality of time spent is amazing."

You can see some really stunning photos here of his travels of the country, as he says, "From one campground at a time."

All photos courtesy and sole property of William Trinkle Photography --  they are available for sale!

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