If you have never been to Mert's Specialty Meats in Okemos, you are truly missing out on the best meat I have ever tasted. There really is a difference. It's right by Old Chicago on the north side of Grand River in Okemos.

I first heard of Mert's from MSU Chef and Michigan's CHEF OF THE YEAR 2018 Kurt Kwiatkowski. Chef Kurt used to mention them every week. He kept nudging me to check it out. After the second mention, I went in to Mert's.

It's like a candy store for the meat lover. They have so much stuff, I couldn't blog about it all. Fish, wood for smoking, pre-made meals you dump in the crockpot or that other all day cooking thing. You can see, I know all the lingo. Their twice baked potatoes are better than ANY I have ever had. The staff is really friendly and at times, I have asked for something and they brought it from the back for me, fresh cut.

I always look forward to going in to Mert's. Thanks for ALWAYS rocking WMMQ.

It's the best meat you'll ever put in your mouth.

Chris, Megan, Brandon and Jake
Chris, Megan, Brandon and Jake

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