The other day I picked up the baby from grandma's house. I had to do some shopping so we hit up the Howell Meijer. She is getting a little better about shopping but normally, you have 20 minutes before she has had enough.

Unless, you find a distraction.

We were rolling into the booze section when I noticed a dude sitting on a bench. I KNEW it was one of those selfie opportunities for people to get free advertising for Jack Daniel's fire water.

So, I obliged.

Pants pic

My daughter has Down Syndrome and the experts said she would "NEVER" look like us.
In this picture, she is making the same face I am.

Then, she really wanted that hat!

Pants pic

When we took the picture, I thought it was Fred Meijer. After posting it to Facebook, friends pointed out who it really was. I think Colonel Sanders stole his look.