Whether you watched the Detroit Lions, attended a concert or motor cross event at the Pontiac Silverdome, it breaks your heart to see such a legendary venue slowly decaying before our eyes. Check out this video shot recently.

In 1975 Elvis Presley played a New Year's Eve gig.

The Detroit Piston "Bad Boys" were born in the Silverdome. 

The Monsters of Rock tour played there in 1988. 

Wrestlemania III was at the Silverdome March 29, 1987. 

To me, the most significant thing happened January 5th, 1992. It was the Detroit Lions ONLY playoff victory since 1957 and I was there to see it. Barry Sanders and the Lions rolled over the Dallas Cowboys 38-6.

The Cowboys went on to win 3 titles in the next 4 years. The Lions flirted with mediocrity until Barry Sanders retired in 1999. Click here to see what Barry had to say about it.

Super Bowl XVI (16) was played in the Silverdome back in 1982. Joe Montana lead San Francisco to their first Super Bowl crown, beating Cincinnati 26-21.

EVERYTHING is going to be broken up and auctioned off. To get all the details on that click here.

Some say it's hard to notice the Silverdome falling apart in a city that is falling apart. I told Deb it reminded me of the great Roman Colosseum. A reminder of the great civilization that once was. The Silverdome was great to Michigan.

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