I always scratch my head when someone says foot fetish. Of all the things to want to get freaky with, the foot is at the bottom of my list.

Maybe it's because I have stinky feet. Look, feet sweat. Some fabric exacerbates the foot sweat and makes your feet smell like a sewer if you didn't wear socks. I HATE wearing socks so I am throwing away shoes around 4 pair a year. Not because I outwore them, because they smell like a porta potty after a chili contest.

Here is Michigan, my feet stink up everything. Sandals in the summer. Boots in the winter. Plus, when the spring rain gets on shoes with fabric... It mixes with my foot stank to form something that will make your wife's head turn. "What is that smell?!"

Anyway, enough about my stinky feet that have cost me friendships and meaningful relationships.

Eggheads believe they have solved the embarrassing stinky foot issue. Now if they could work on my stinky ass. Seriously, It was originally developed by the Royal Thai Airforce. Thailand, where they know a thing or 2 about stank. Eggheads suggest if you have stinky feet  wear socks coated in zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO-NPs). These socks have shown the ability to prevent bromodosis (foot odor) and pitted keratolysis (a bacterial infection that leads to smelly feet).

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