I know how that headline looked, and I love it!

So, the Pro Football Pick 'Em is back this year with your chance to score 10 grand! Click here to see the details. 

In years past, I have DOMINATED the competition! Until I forget to make my picks. Then I just take pride in beating the other DJs or a few trash talking listeners.

As long as I beat Tim Staudt, Mad Dog and the sports guys, I am happy.

Go make your picks and remember to hit save! It helps to remember your login info too, so write that down somewhere. It takes a lot to score the 10 grand, but it can be won if you are determined enough to make the picks every week AND you actually pick winners.

Pro Football Season kicks off tonight in the Windy City. The Green Bay Packers face the Chicago Bears at 8:25 on NBC.

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