is reporting that the Michigan Senate has introduced bills aimed at protecting animals who are left in unsafe conditions by their owners. Under Senate Bills 930 and 931, pet owners could face felony charges for leaving their pets in a car that's too hot, too cold, or has lack of proper ventilation. A lack of food or water or any other circumstance deemed to cause suffering, disability, or death would also be illegal.

Sixteen states have already found lawmakers smart enough to have laws like this on their books. Michigan looks to be next in line. According to the article, first time offenders could face a $350 fine and/or 45 days in jail. Second offenses would carry a $500 fine and/or 90 in jail. If serious harm is done to an animal because of the conditions in which they are left the penalty is a $1000 fine and/or one year in jail. If the conditions cause the death of an animal, those owners would face a $5000 fine and five years in prison.