Yep, it's THAT Bill Gates and his wife who paid for this crap... History. It's like a brief history of poop and the toilet. God Bless the Person who invented toilet paper.

Guys love crap. Almost any straight guy you know will be fascinated by this video. I thought of my coworker Deb Hart who always preaches "WASH YOUR HANDS!"

Pants points I took from the Video:

#1. Spy vs Spy totally stole the "The Plague Doctor" look. Like Mike Rowe stole the look of the late Ernest. (Jim Varney) If you never saw the Country Fresh ads you may be lost. Know whadda mean? Mike Rowe has made 35 million from this look.

#2. The British Medical Journal READERS voted modern sanitation the #1 medical advance since 1840, above antibiotics and vaccines. But it's England... The dried husk America crawled out of.

#3."How a society disposes of its human excrement is an indication of how it treats it's humans too." was a profound thought by Rose George. 


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