If my headline didn't explain to you what exactly is going on. There is a dude going around Detroit and pooping in unlocked cars at random. Police are on the trail sniffing down the turd perp. The skid mark has run dry though and they need your help. The fella is very regular and must have had good fiber in his diet. He pooped in cars up and down Van Dyke. Looks like he is just pooping on the floor though. Someone pooping this much, I would begin my search at Taco Bell.

It's one of the few times in Michigan where we say "THANK GOD it's cold out. That would leave a mark if you sat in it during the warm months. Being cold those turds would freeze right up. But the violation of having your car pooped in? What a stinker.

Click here to see I am not making this crap up. Plus, see the pooper doing his thing.

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Have you ever tried relieving yourself in a vehicle? It isn't easy. You need a yoga like balance, especially if you are dropping a deuce in a strange car.

One of the grossest spots in Michigan is the I69 merger with 75 north. We call it "Piss Jug Corner."

Piss Jug Corner

We have tried to get pictures and video but it doesn't do it justice. Around this corner are yellow bottles, milk jugs and anything a human could relieve themselves in... Then they toss the jug to the side of the road. In mid summer, you can smell the ammonia just driving by. Was she goes, boys. Way of the road. THANK GOD IT'S COLD OUT!

The video below is not safe for work.

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