is reporting this afternoon that the overnight severe weather threat for Mid-Michigan continues to increase. According to the article, The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK is expecting storms that are quickly developing over Iowa to form a weather event called a derecho, a storm front that brings severe straight-line winds to a large region. The SPC has now upgraded West Michigan to a 45 percent chance of seeing winds over 58 MPH, possibly as high as 75 MPH. Typically, summer storms lose some punch as they cross Lake Michigan. Also, typically, at night time, atmospheric conditions are the most stable. Given those two factors, the SPC is leaving Mid-Michigan at a 30 percent chance of seeing severe winds in excess of 58 MPH. But, this storm looks to be morphing into quite the monster. And, if it does, indeed, become a derecho, it's odds of staying strong as it approaches Lansing are greater. Get ready!! It could be a long, noisy, and stormy night!