As I watched the biggest game-changing play of last night's NFC Championship Game, I could do nothing but give kudos to Seattle Defensive Back Richard Sherman for making a big time pass deflection at a critical time. The deflection led to a Malcolm Smith interception, not a San Francisco touchdown, and sealed the "Big Game" berth for the Seahawks. Those kudos quickly changed to jeers as I watched Sherman interact with 49ers Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree after the ass-slap, followed by some words and an expected Crabtree left handed shove to the facemask of Sherman. At that point, penalty flags, dollar signs of a NFL fine, and league reprimand all directed towards Crabtree flashed in my mind. Boy, that didn't last long...all of those visions were erased by Sherman's jackass choking gesture. Then, Sherman trumps his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty action with what I can only perceive as the most tasteless post-game interview in sports history, outside of pro-wrestling and the other neanderthalic ring sports. The video link is posted judge for yourself. I'm all about a player being confident, but this, to me, just vindicates the negativity of egos we've seen in the NFL over the past two decades...from Deion to Keyshawn, T.O., Ochocinco, Randy Moss, and on and on and on. Sherman's display was anything but champion-like.

Having said that, Go Broncos!!

Video link to the postgame comments from Richard Sherman to Fox's Erin Andrews VIA Sporting News and NFL Network analysis