I hate skinny jeans on dudes. I come from the 90's when we pegged our pants though... So, heed my fashion advice. My fake radio name is "Pants." Some say, I should always share the stories of Pants. To them and you, I offer the greatest story of Pants not involving me.

I got a laugh out of this story today. The headline caught my attention: "New Study Shows 95% of Men Who Wear Skinny Jeans Find Other Men Attractive." I had a feeling I was going to be mad but when I saw the name of the doctor doing the study, I knew it was worth sharing.

The Dr. Felipe Maybals had some interesting theory's. The University of San Francisco research teaches parents how to talk to their children about how stupid skinny jeans are. This message was brought to you by parachute pants. Will they ever come back??? I think it's about time.

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