Kids in need of shoes and boots will benefit when you contribute to the Old Newsboys Association of Greater Lansing. You can assist in that very basic human need by contributing online here, or by stopping at a donation location Thursday, December 6, 2018. You will find volunteers 'selling' a copy of the 'Lansing Spoof Journal' all day - see locations above.

Also, Joey Pants and I will be collecting Thursday from 9-10:00 AM on the northwest corner of Cedar and Jolly in South Lansing.  Doesn't matter if you can give the loose change from your couch or if you've got some crisp cash to drop in the box - every little bit helps. Old Newsboys will contribute 100% of the money collected tomorrow to keep the feet warm of kids in our community.

You can donate here via PayPal, or you can also 'Text to Donate' by sending the word 'shoes' to 517-208-2788.

Lansing is lucky to be home to one of the oldest charities in the state. The Old Newsboys Association of Greater Lansing has been operating since 1924 to ensure children have the proper footwear to attend school and to stay healthy.

Each December, The Old Newsboys organizes hundreds of volunteers to stand on street corners, in front of established businesses, and put papers and collection jugs in busy locations within stores. This is all done on one day, known as Sales Day. You will see these volunteers donning the signature orange color while waiving and shouting “Get your Old Newsboys here!”  There is no required amount to give to an Old Newsboys Hawker; we ask that you donate to us what you can give because every penny adds up in the end.

Every year, the need for proper footwear increases which means we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Please consider joining the Old Newsboys Association for $5 a year, maybe attend a board meeting, or help on Sales Day. There are many ways you can get involved.  Contact us through the website and someone can call you back and explain how we operate. Over the past few years, we have served over 7,000 children, each year, in Lansing and within our 25-mile radius service area.

All the organization’s work is done on a volunteer basis. We can proudly say that 100% of the donations we collect on Sales Day goes toward our program of putting shoes and boots on children’s feet! Won’t you join the movement?


Claire Corr, President

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