This season for the Detroit Lions has started out worse than the year before. The Lions have lost two in a row even though they had the lead in both games. No doubt their head coach Matt Patricia's job is in jeopardy. But what about their veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford and his performance?

Don’t get me wrong, Matthew Stafford has been good, but not good enough. He has put up numbers, but it’s the same old story. These Lions can’t win consistently. But is this all Stafford’s fault? Of course it’s not.

This franchise is snake bit and can’t get a good head coach or go to the postseason. So the million dollar question: does Stafford need to find a new team and do the Lions need to draft a new quarterback? The Packers drafted Jordan Love last year as the possible replacement for Aaron Rodgers. But Rodgers is playing still at a high level and he has won a Super Bowl.

In this upcoming NFL Draft, there are two outstanding quarterbacks who will be available. The first quarterback is out of Cartersville, Georgia and Clemson University where he helped the Tigers win a National Championship as a true freshman. His name is Trevor Lawrence. The second outstanding quarterback who will be available is Justin Fields out of Thee Ohio State. Both are on this year’s Heisman Watch.

The Lions could continue to lose and stink the rest of the season. If that happens, they could have the first or second draft pick in the spring. They would have to pull the trigger and get one of those two players. Matthew Stafford was the first pick in the first round by the Detroit Lions. They have been rotten for 50 years. Does Stafford need new life with a new team? That's my question for you today. Should Matthew Stafford be better, or does he deserve better?

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