CHICAGO IL - JANUARY 28: Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter speaks at a press conference on January 28, 2014 at The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago Illinois. Citing what they deem as the NCAA's abdication of responsibility to protect athletes from injury, the College Athletes Association (CAPA) announced the creation of the new labor organization to represent college football and basketball players.

So, what does that mean? College athletes might soon be getting paid. FINALLY. Universities rake in BILLIONS of dollars off college football and men's basketball. Yet they legally don't have to pay their athletes. Some say they are paid with their scholarship and a free education. Others see this as gross inequality. This could be a historic first step for college sports. Or it could open Pandora's box and be the beginning of the end of the college sports we know and love.

Do you think they should be paid? If so, how much?