Once in a while, I ask dudes if they have a mustache. A few days ago, my friend Austin said we should start a Facebook page and asked me for a name. So, I threw down Michigan's Manly Mustache Men. I told him to be the admin though because I don't have that kind of time.

Sure enough, he started the page. I jokingly said Pants. No Shirt. Only the man and the 'stash in the picture. No ass or back hair! There are already groups for that!

It's starting slow but we need you and your 'Stash! I am even considering growing one for the team! Seriously though... Have you ever seen a more intense mustache than this?

World Beard And Moustache Championships 2015
Getty Images

Deb said "it would be tickling your face while you sleep." Then she said "are you quoting me on that?" Yes. Yes, I am.

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